Milan, the multicultural capital where high fashion meets aperitivo nights

With a commonplace, Milan is the capital of fashion, the best place for an aperitivo, the epitome of the modern, elegant lifestyle. But the city is quite complex and offers much more to anyone who approaches it in more than a superficial way.
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Fashion and aperitivo abound, of course. If you feel like shopping, you’ll find not only the shops of the most famous fashion designers, but also those that ordinary mortals can visit. A summer evening aperitivo along the Navigli is also a must. But this diverse and exciting city also offers sights such as the magnificent Duomo, La Scala, a sanctuary of opera, and last but not least, one of Leonardo’s major works, The Last Supper.

Top tourist attractions

Places to see in MILAN
milano navigli
Places to see

Navigli, Milan’s lagoon

Would you have thought that in a metropolis like Milan, which can’t exactly be called a city of water, and where no great river dominates the cityscape, one of the most popular parts of the city is crisscrossed with canals?

Experiences in Milan

On the rooftop terraces of the Duomo

Did you know that you can not only admire the Milan Cathedral from the inside and outside, but also go up to the rooftop terraces? This may sound strange for a church, but you can actually go all the way to the top, where you not only have a fantastic view, but also admire the beautiful architectural elements. Check out the options and tickets by clicking on the picture.

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City centre

If you want to explore the city centre, you can choose a restaurant you like here.


If you're drawn to the Navigli area, whether you want to have an aperitivo or dinner, you should check here. You can also book a table in advance.

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Learn some Italian expressions that can be useful when travelling.


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