piazza vecchia bergamo

One of the most beautiful squares in Europe, where it would be a crime to move a single stone. This statement isn’t new, but comes from none other than Le Corbusier, who of course knew a thing or two about architecture.

taormina sicilia

Taormina, a charming town in a beautiful location, is one of the most popular destinations in Sicily. The enchanting landscape and atmosphere of the town have captivated poets and painters over the centuries, including Goethe. With the impressive ancient Greek theatre on top, the sea and Mount Etna in the background, the small mediaeval streets, the beautiful beaches nearby and the irresistible culinary experience, everyone will be touched.

roma róma rome

Italy’s capital hardly needs to be introduced to anyone; each of us has heard of Rome at least once in our lives. The Eternal City, which captures the hearts of travellers with its thousand-year-old sights, naturally offers many great memories from different eras.

milano navigli

Would you have thought that in a metropolis like Milan, which can’t exactly be called a city of water, and where no great river dominates the cityscape, one of the most popular parts of the city is crisscrossed with canals?