Places to see

piazza vecchia bergamo

Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo’s unchanging beauty

One of the most beautiful squares in Europe, where it would be a crime to move a single stone. This statement isn’t new, but comes from none other than Le Corbusier, who of course knew a thing or two about architecture.


Palermo, the colourful and exciting

Colourful, exciting, captivating. Palermo, the capital of Sicily, and its surroundings are definitely worth a few days.

taormina sicilia

Taormina – a magical spectacle on top of the hill

Taormina, a charming town in a beautiful location, is one of the most popular destinations in Sicily. The enchanting landscape and atmosphere of the town have captivated poets and painters over the centuries, including Goethe. With the impressive ancient Greek theatre on top, the sea and Mount Etna in the background, the small mediaeval streets, the beautiful beaches nearby and the irresistible culinary experience, everyone will be touched.

Matera among the rocks, a step into another age and another world

Another age, another world. That’s the feeling you get when you first take a look at this unique city of Matera and its fascinating Sassi district. It’s a place that leaves no one untouched and that everyone must see.

gatti roma torre argentina

Where to shoot awesome photos of cats among ancient ruins in Rome?

Rome is famous not only for its magnificent sights, but also for the cats that live among the ancient ruins, which are a feature of the cityscape in many places.


Naples, a beautiful city of surprising contradictions

Naples is a beautiful city. Naples is a special city. Naples is a city of contradictions. It has everything – and the opposite of everything.


Milan, the multicultural capital where high fashion meets aperitivo nights

With a commonplace, Milan is the capital of fashion, the best place for an aperitivo, the epitome of the modern, elegant lifestyle. But the city is quite complex and offers much more to anyone who approaches it in more than a superficial way.

Where to stay

hotel roma

How to find your happy place to stay in Rome

It’s so hard to decide… In Rome, as in any large city which is also a major tourist destination, there’s a wide choice of accommodation, with great differences in quality and price. So it can’t hurt to think about your main considerations.



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