Places to see


Naples, a beautiful city of surprising contradictions

Naples is a beautiful city. Naples is a special city. Naples is a city of contradictions. It has everything – and the opposite of everything.


Milan, the multicultural capital where high fashion meets aperitivo nights

With a commonplace, Milan is the capital of fashion, the best place for an aperitivo, the epitome of the modern, elegant lifestyle. But the city is quite complex and offers much more to anyone who approaches it in more than a superficial way.


Florence, the beautiful city of arts that will warm your heart

Who’s not heard of the birthplace of the Renaissance, the beautiful city of arts, the fascinating Florence?

roma róma rome

Rome, the forever young Eternal City is waiting for you too

Italy’s capital hardly needs to be introduced to anyone; each of us has heard of Rome at least once in our lives. The Eternal City, which captures the hearts of travellers with its thousand-year-old sights, naturally offers many great memories from different eras.

velence venezia venice

Venice, the fabulous city that immediately reaches your heart

Venice is one of the most famous cities in the world. Fabulous. Magical. Unique. The city of lagoons is a must for anyone at least once in their life.

roma pantheon 1

Pantheon, the amazing house of all the gods

Built in ancient times to honour all the Roman gods, the Pantheon is also one of Rome’s architectural masterpieces.


Would you have thought that in a metropolis like Milan, which can’t exactly be called a city of water, and where no great river dominates the cityscape, one of the most popular parts of the city is crisscrossed with canals?

Getting around

The green pass is arriving, or rather how can you travel to Italy?

The long-awaited resumption of travel is finally within reach: after the announcement of the Prime Minister Italy will be back waiting for tourists with open arms.


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